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Month: August 2018

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Meet Robert ‘Swan’ Richards: The bat-maker of the greatest of batsmen.

Economic Times By Anand Vasu If you have ever made even one run using a Gray-Nicolls bat, you should take a moment and thank Robert “Swan” Richards. If he is not the greatest bat-maker alive today, he is certainly bat-maker to the greatest. Greg Chappell, possibly the best batsman the wrong side of six feet to…
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Crusade to restore holy Test.

He had heard firsthand from alienated cricketers in places they loathed, playing spasmodically a configuration of the game they did not enjoy, but whose riches they could not afford to turn their back on; only a Test cap would dissuade them.

Swan Richards cricket collection.

A collection of cricket gear belonging to Australian players over five decades has come to the National Museum of Australia.

Gray Nicolls Scoop, the bat every kid wanted for Christmas, turns 40.

The Scoop, made famous in the 70s by the Chappell brothers, was as an Anglo-Australian sports marketing phenomenon.

Greg Chappell Clive Lloyd Swan Richards LR

Congrats due for crusading cricket lover.

“Many boys have enjoyed the support and assistance that the Crusader program has offered them,” Chappell wrote, “and while not all of them have gone on to follow a career in cricket, all have become better human beings and members of their community because of the lessons learned.”

If you love cricket then I strongly recommend a Swan Richard’s tour.

I heard about the Crusaders through a couple of friends who I played against at Bendigo Country Week.  From the training sessions to the travelling everything was well organised and once I joined the group everything went really well.

My expectations were truly met and many times over.

To be brutally honest, my expectations were truly met and many times over, so much so here I am looking forward again to the 2019 tour with the same anxiety, excitement and passion I had in 2001.