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My expectations were truly met and many times over.

Designing personalised international cricket tours.

My first tour with Crusaders overseas was in 2001 and I had heard stories about the experiences, places visited, cricket played and the people you may met.

To be brutally honest, my expectations were truly met and many times over, so much so here I am looking forward again to the 2019 tour with the same anxiety, excitement and passion I had in 2001.

8 tours on and the doors that open up, the wonderful scenic Village cricket Grounds and clubhouses, the after match gathering and sharing of cricket stories can’t come quick enough.

The friendships made, knowledge gained about the Great Game, learning about England and all the different cultures and lifestyle that vary so much from County to County and of course listening to the stories from Swan himself.

Being part of a group for 3-4 weeks, living and breathing cricket, transported around on the Coach with 12 different conversations going on at once, sitting with someone different at breakfast each morning all adds to the experience of Touring.

Whether you are a young player feeling way thru the game or a mature age person just wanting to tick a Bucket List item I strongly endorse you coming on Tour, sooner than later.

Walking around Grounds older than our County, dining and wining in Old English Pubs with ceilings designed for 17th century staute sized gentleman, strolling thru quaint laneways or sightseeing in London Central a Crusader Tour gives you all this.

As much as the tour is planned and staying in outstanding Hotels, you still have time to do your thing , whilst experiencing that “Team” feeling, whether you are a player, supporter, scorer or Umpire.

It’s a privilege to belong to the Crusader organization and see the smile on Tourist’s faces when we turn the corner and someone or something just pops up un announced. It may be a celebrity, medieval Castle, cricket ground or simply an English Village full of mystery and suprises.

Yours in Cricket
Pete Marshall
Hall of Fame Crusader Member.

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